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Hello there, and welcome to my scribbling space.

I’m a writer of Australian fiction, author of the novels Black Diamonds, This Red Earth, The Blue MilePaper DaisiesWild Chicory, Jewel Sea, Lady Bird & The Fox and Sunshine – all tales of passion, politics and history, of ordinary people living through extraordinary times in the land I call home. You can find out about all my books here and the nice things people have been saying about them here.

My ninth novel, Walking, will be published in February 2020, and my tenth, Her Last Words, arrives in July, and I’m presently working on another. I’m always working on another novel. And occasionally a short story, too, one of which, ‘Messerschmitt’, was recently awarded third place in the prestigious Hope Prize – find her in the published anthology here.

When I’m not writing, I’m reading. In real life I’m a book editor, better known on that side of the page as Kim Swivel. I’ve been working in the Australian publishing industry now for over twenty years, and with all kinds of authors, from Miles Franklin winners to our favourite names in romance. Just can’t get me enough narrative action. I’m known to be a little bit disruptive, too, exploring new ways of getting great Australian stories into readers’ hands via independent collaborations and digital innovation.

Raised in Sydney in a house that was humble but for its library, I was always going to quite like things with words in them and do wordy type things myself. As I do here in this little scribbling space, whatever those things might be. Books, writing, wondering and wandering the rolling green and gold hills of the Central West where I live today on a small rural property with my muse de bloke, Deano, two cats and three chickens, and occasionally the kids when they come home to graze.

Join me, and join in. Dream large and love larger,

Kim x

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