Book Clubs


If you’d like to read one of my books for your book club, I’d love to crash your meeting and join your chat – virtually. By Skype, Facebook, Google Hangouts, or however else we might hook up, drop me a line and let’s synchronise watches.

Here’s a book-clubby question on each of my tales that might set off some lively discussion.

front coverSunshine is a story about the way new life, hope and friendship can help in overcoming the worst of traumas. How do each of the characters embrace these forms of sunshine?



F&L hi-res

Apart from being a love story, Lady Bird & The Fox is a tale about identity – personal identity, cultural identity and mistaken identity. What does the exploration of this theme say about Australian identity?



front cover A pearl narrates in Jewel Sea? Really? How well did you think that worked, what was the purpose and the effect of using such an unusual approach? What does the pearl ultimately symbolise?



WC cover

Wild Chicory is only a small book but has huge amounts of story inside it. How does this story use story to show how stories make up our identity and heritage?



paper daisies

At the heart of Paper Daisies are two terrible crimes. What issues does this story raise about good and evil – and justice? How far would you go to avenge a great wrong?



KK back list BM revised

Exploring the uncertainty and poverty of Sydney’s Great Depression, The Blue Mile shows how the spirit can be broken by despair. How do the characters in this story break and repair?



this red earth

This Red Earth shows how war ripples through all lives and all areas of society, far from the frontline. What new perspectives on war did this tale illuminate for you?



black diamonds

A portrait of a marriage greatly tested – by war, separation, and the everyday tragedies that happen in any life – what does Black Diamonds say about the power of love to heal and restore hope?