by Kim Kelly

Whole world


Today is a hugely exciting day for me. I’ve just discovered that the paperback edition of my new baby, Wild Chicory, is available on the Book Depository website. For those who don’t know, the Book Depository is a massive, UK-based bookseller that ships all over the world.

If your book is sold there, it can go anywhere.

For many Australian authors, though, it’s just about impossible to have our work sold internationally in print form. Our complex system of copyright jurisdictions and the smallness of our at-home audience means that most Australian authors won’t find overseas publishers for their books, and since most Australian publishers can’t publish globally, we’re left out of the big picture.

I’m so grateful Wild Chicory is being published by The Author People, whose mission is to break free of the cumbersome and outdated strictures of traditional publishing and reach out to readers wherever they might be.

For my little Wild Chicory, I’ll never have to apologise to a UK or US reader about books not being available to them. If a reader in India or Ireland or Italy wants a copy, all they have to do is order one, and that means the world to me.

If you’d like to order one yourself, you can right here.

Cheers to this new way forward. One day, all Australian stories will be available everywhere – because they should be.